Is Your Webcam Safe?

Childnet International, non-profit UK charity that aims to make the internet a great and safe place for children and young people, warns that Hackers have found a way to take over Webcams without your knowledge.

These webcams became infected when the user visisted an untrustworthy website or opened a malicious email attachment which downloaded a Trojan Virus.How-To-Be-Computer-Hacker

According to a BBC Study, which uncovered an entire industry based on the buying and selling compromised webcam access, the majority of infected webcams belonged to young women.

To help protect against webcame hacking it’s important to keep computers anti-virus up to date and not open or visiting untrustworthy websites or attachments. Childnet Chief Executive Will Gardner, also recommend Pointing your webcam at a wall or covering it up when not in use, can be good practice.

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