War On The Young: We live in a society that cares twice as much for grandma as for junior.

debtWhatever happened to the promise that anyone could build a better life by honest labor? That your life would be better than your parents’ would, and that your kids’ lives would be better than yours would. That America is gone, On Monday July 1, 2013; Congress allowed student loans to increase to 6.8 Percent.


America — home of the land-grant university, the G.I. Bill and excellent public universities from California to Michigan to Texas — has fallen from the top in terms of university education. With strangling student debt, we are likely to fall further. What economists call “human capital” — investing in people — is a key to long-term growth. To be competitive in the 21st century is to have a highly educated labor force, one with college and advanced degrees. Instead, we are foreclosing on our future as a nation.  Joseph E. Stiglitz

Back in the 1980’s little more than 1.5 percent of the population received Social Security disability benefits; today it is nearly 3.5 with the majority of recipients being mainly elderly. Around 6 percent of the population aged between 45 and 54 are SSDI beneficiaries. Payments to disabled workers average $1,130 a month, which works out as $13,560 a year (which is just $2,000 less than a full-time wage at federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.)

Maybe we really are unhealthier than we were 30 years ago, but the data on life expectancy tells a different story.  The truth is it has become easier for the mildly unwell or unfit to be classified as disabled and to op for idle poverty over working poverty.

Needless to say, this reflects a great inequality. An aging baby boomer population abusing a welfare program is working to reduce the resources available to young people.

In terms of Social security spending only 10 percent goes towards young compared to 41 percent going towards the elderly. Is it even a surprise that the child poverty rate is double that of seniors. We live in a society that cares twice as much for grandma as for junior.  Newsgroup

The people that make up congress came from a different time, their education was less expensive or their parents paid for it. Fast forward to 2013, they just do not care. Congress went to recess without solving the student loan crisis. To, them this issue is small and unimportant, but if you look at the big picture, they helped put a roadblock on America’s future. College graduates now enter the workforce buried in debt, they can’t afford to have kids, buy a house, they won’t even invest. Graduates who can’t find jobs might give up, they might go on unemployment, they might just become complacent with underemployment. Our country will suffer as a whole. That 3.4 increase does way more harm than good. But why do they care, it won’t impact them.

The only mystery that remains is why this generational conflict has not yet become a serious issue in American politics.

Its not going to be much longer before my generation wakes up and deiced enough’s is enough, and who do you think will pay for your retirement? Not us, you denied us our futures while passing us debt and expect us to fuel your American dream?

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