Ever wondered where those Guy Fawkes Mask come from ?


Here’s A Factory Where Those Iconic Masks That So Many Protesters Wear Are Manufactured 

4 thoughts on “Ever wondered where those Guy Fawkes Mask come from ?

  1. It’s really interesting that the mask itself has a political meaning. Symbol of protest and symbol of freedom.
    Another form of visual communication to show your political views and to share your views amongst the protestors.
    I would definitely be excited to see these masks on the future history textbook.

    • I completely agree, In the past few years there have been mass protest globally from the Arab spring to the recent mass protest in Brazil and Tahrir square in Egypt. Throughout these protest you could find numerous Guy Fawke Mask in the crowds.

      • Hi husseinyussuf and thanks for the compliment 🙂

        Usually the RAW photos I take are not what I expect them to be. So I take a lot of time in to post processing, using a lot of plugins and softwares.

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        Yet, I do not have a youtube account, but since it might be the right time, I would consider making some tutorial videos to help you out or for some tips and tricks 🙂

        Thank you for asking though! I would like to see your photos if you try one!

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