Ishida Juha Bach Successor ? Madara’s Betrayal? Bleach 544 & Naruto 637 Manga Review

Bleach 544:Image

I was hoping  Kubo would at least give us a few boxes of Ichigo training or Kenpachi released Zanpakuto, but knowing Kubo he won’t reveal too much until the final battle.

Very good chapter this week, I really like how Kubo cleared out the “whole last Quincy” thing from last week (especially so soon, I thought it would take at least a few chapters). The Huceo Mundo Scene was interesting, nice to see Chad and Orihimeagain again.

In the beginning of the chapter Sternritter are still questioning why Ishida was chosen as the successor to Yhwach’s thrown (as Ishida himself questioning the decision) but it’s quickly made clear to everyone why. During the “selection” purge a decade ago, that killed all the mixed quincies including his mother, Ishida was the sole survivor. Kubo is making it clear that Ishida has hidden strength that far surpasses even Yhwach’s. This latent power is the reason Yhwach picked Ishida as his successor. Yhwach could care less about the internal dissent that his announcement stirred up, and as Haschwalth deduced; he was actually being intentionally vague and using the distrust to ensure Ishida’s loyalty.


The chapter opens with a betrayal,

Madara reviles his true intentions for Obito as nothing more than tools for his revival. :Luckily the Fourth Hokages Flying Thunder God Technique (whose mark apparently stays on permanently) is able to save the day. Obito now has ample time becomes the Jinchuriki himself. What a plot twist,

Coming off last week’s chapter (where a lot of people felt like Obito went down a tab bit too easily), it now makes sense, because it seems like Obito was plotting to get maimed in the first place to free himself from Madara’s control.  With the Jinchuriki’s power, Obito might be even more powerful than Madara( which is a nice demonstraction of his own determination compared to everyone else)… but on the other hand it feels somewhat “meh” because there was this whole set up here to get Madra into the fight and it looks like that won’t happen for awhile .

Sasuke’s intentions still seem unclear and the same is true for Orochimaru. Both are paying nice right now but their whole demeanor and the situation in general seems very suspicious. Sasuke is helping Naruto but he has said he want to destroy the current system in order to build a new one.

Much as still not been revealed, such as why Orochimaru brought back the Hokages in the Uchiha hideout or his true reason for wanting to destroy the village.  There are alos some big plot points that haven’t been addressed like what happened to the Whirlpool village, why was it destroyed and by whom ? Another big question is, what was Obito’s plan for Sasuke and what does he have that massive collection of Sharingan’s for? It also has not been revealed how Madra survivied his battle with Hashirama. One thing is for sure we can expect these questions to be dragged out in many chapters without answering much.

Cant wait for next weeks manga,

That Grin Madara had after his failed betrayal indicated he saw this coming.

Bad Guy 101: When something goes wrong in the bad guy’s plan yet they still look confident it means they still have a few tricks left up their sleeves.

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