How screwed are the millennials?


So Germany just abolished College Tuition fees like many other countries around the world. Even before doing away with college fees the average amount students had to pay per semester was close to $630. This is what you call a country investing in its future.
Social mobility in the United States is at or near its lowest point in modern history. A nation that prided itself on the “only in America” myth has fallen far behind other countries. Higher education is the most powerful tool for social mobility.
In the United States the majority of graduates in STEM fields (most important for creating jobs in the future) are vastly foreigners studying abroad here. So what does that tell you about the future for us?

While we train the best and smartest of other countries and send them back to compete with us in a global economy, we increase the cost of higher education for our students and we expect to be a global power?

A deficit is a future tax liability, The U.S debt is close to 17 trillion that means each citizen share of the debt is close to 55,000 that on top of the loans taken out for higher education has crippled the future of this nation.




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